Art Factory (project for new artists)

Eleven young artists from the two art institutions of Chittagong—Govt. Art College and Dept. of Fine Arts of Chittagong University were granted to work for three months at the studio under the Art Factory project at 2007. Artists got direct helps from the members of Santaran for continuing their different researches of this project. Later on an exhibition of 22 art objects of those artists were arranged by Santaran which was followed by a conversation session between art critics, pioneer artists and spectators. After successfully completed the first imitative still Santaran have been continue the activities of Art Factory project. In every years selective 10 to 12 young artists can got the opportunity to continue his/her works through the facilities of Art Factory project. As a result that many of the young artists played important role in Bangladeshi art scenery that have got experience about contemporary art from the Art Factory project.