Multidisciplinary art Show (triennial of multidisciplinary art)

Multidisciplinarity is a generic term that implies the associative presence of more than one discipline that is combined but not integrated. Multidisciplinary Art Show is a one of the largest significant Art events of Santaran Art Organization Multidisciplinary Art show of Santaran Art organization is a one of the significant Multidisciplinary art event of Santaran as well as multidisciplinary artists of all over Bangladesh and abroad.

1st Multidisciplinary Art Show 2011:  Santaran had organized the first episode on 2011, at Artist Rashid Chowdhuri Art Gallery, Institute of Fine Arts, University of Chittagong. `Time Art & Space’ was the title of the 1st Multidisciplinary Art Show 2011. In the first episode there were 17 participants who were known for their unconventional approach to art; they included 11 conventionally trained artists, 23 child artists, film maker, musician, theater artist, city planner, anthropologist, and architect. The event dispersed into an exhibition, performance art, seminar & discussions, musical program and performing arts. It was a first significant Multidisciplinary Art Show in Chittagong as it also was in the context of Bangladesh. Santaran planned and printed a publication on that event. Institute of Fine Arts, University of Chittagong has collaboration with the event.

2nd Multidisciplinary Art Show 2012: In 2012 Santaran Art Organization organized the second episode of 2nd Multidisciplinary Art Show 2012 with the title From the Karnaphuli. The event was collaboration with the Italian Embassy in Dhaka and Bengal Foundation, Bangladesh. Santaran decided to stage it in an unusual venue. The event was staged at the residences of the Italian Ambassador in Dhaka. There were about 27 multidisciplinary artists participating in that event. Santaran’s focus was on the contemporary multidisciplinary art of Chittagong in Dhaka. To make this even a success Chittagong based artists were appointed as curators who saw ‘From the Karnaphuli’ as an extensive showcasing of interdisciplinary art from Chittagong.  There was a publication based on that event.

3rd Multidisciplinary Art Show 2017: ‘Human Ecology and Art’, the main conceptual premise of this 3rd Multidisciplinary Art Show 2017, Chittagong, Bangladesh. Human ecology is an interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary study of the relationship between humans and their natural, social, and built environments. It is the discipline that inquires into the patterns and processes of interaction of humans with their environments. The philosophy and study of human ecology gave rise to a diffusion of history with advancements in geography, sociology, psychology, anthropology, zoology, epidemiology, public health, home economics, and natural ecology, among others. The main focus of the event is principally divided in two segments — one is Human Physiology and Nature and the other, Socio-political System.

Geographically and historically related three countries of South Asia — India, Pakistan and Bangladesh — share a common ground in terms of their anthropological, political, religious, and even extra-religious spiritual believes and also in the context of contemporary art and culture. For its prominent role in the contemporary regional politics and culture another country is considered from East Asia which is Taiwan, the island of freedom that seceded from China’s ambit and exemplifies modern technology based economy and known for its contemporary art. Our selective fifth country Mauritius is the geographical center of the Indian Ocean. For centuries,  Mauritius have been on the trade routes that were the forerunners to the bonds that are now being forged today between India, China and Africa which re-establish the Indian Ocean as a major economic zone. The present panoramic view of the art of these five countries was the main concern of the 3rd Multidisciplinary Art Show 2017.