Shikar (activities for development and preservation of folk arts)

Shikar is Third Permanent Public Art Program of Santaran Art Organization. In course of time most of our important folk-art forms are disappearing. Apart from that the small indigenous groups of our country also have artistic living styles. Folk-arts of any country are the philosophical expressions of the common people of that country. So in 2003, Santaran started the program Shikar of public art projects to provide the support for surviving of folk-arts in the changing scenarios of time, and to fulfill that aim Shikar presents the folk-arts of different countries with active interactions to our artists for encouraging them in preserving those folk-art forms. Santaran is also working for creating awareness about art among the forth coming generations of those folk artists through Kalpapuri and Shikar programs. Santaran believes through this process the new generations of folk artists will be able to create new modes of their arts and present them to art-connoisseurs and that way those folk-arts will survive with proper dignity.

Santaran is also working towards creating awareness about the arts among the future generations of the folk and traditional artists and artisan through Kalpapuri programs. Santaran believes through such awareness-building programmes the new generations of folk and traditional artists and artisan will be able to create new modes of livelihood. Therefore, their arts will be receiving patronage from art connoisseurs and folk tradition will survive the onslaught of time. For the exhibited the art works of  traditional and folk art trends of selective countries of the world Santaran have organized two episode of Karnaphuli Folk Triennial under the Shikar Program.

Bridge: Santaran want to create a bridge between Folk art trends with contemporary artists through the Bridge project, it is mainly a workshop based art project under the Shikar program. Contemporary artists can get knowledge about folk and traditional art trends and technique to shearing their ideas with folk and traditional artists. With this aim in 2008 popular Nepali folk-art form Mithila artist and in 2009 Indian narrative scroll painting Patachitra artist have worked jointly with our artists to continue the working process. In 2010 it was a workshop with our artists and once popular art form of our country the Cinema-Banner painting artist.  In 2015 Traditional Nepali traditional art trends Thanka Painting artists and 2019 famous Patachitra and palm leaf engraving artists from Odisha, India   have worked jointly with our artists through the workshop of Bridge. Through these activities the popular art forms of own country and other countries are coming to the views of art-connoisseurs in new forms. As a result this is creating awareness among common people for preserving the folk-art forms.

Kendrabindu (project of conceptual product design, development & marketing): For creating awareness among common people for the preservation of Traditional handloom weaving, jewelry, bamboo, kent and handicrafts of indigenous community of Bangladesh Santaran launched a permanent project under the Shikar program entitled Kendrabindu at “Srijan Prangon” multidisciplinary art space of Santaran from November 2018. Kendrabindu is a project of Conceptual Product design, development, marketing and research through the traditional art and crafts of indigenous community of Bangladesh.