Abstract: Santaran means swimming, it is Bengali words came from ‘Sanskrit’. As a nonprofit Multidisciplinary, artist run organization Santaran is continuing its journey from Chittagong, Bangladesh with the hope and mission to shape the artistic values regarding country, society, nation, environment, economics, sociology, philosophy etc. In a more defined artistic way. Santaran is giving effort for guide people to acquire art as the strongest medium for their better living. Santaran started this journey in 1999 through the first Yearly outcome ( yearly art show of organization member ),  though it was officially founded in 1998.

Santaran’s artists are conceiving art as medium to implementation of their thought and philosophy. Therefore with the deeper understanding of our culture and tradition, we are trying to capture the trends of history, art, philosophy, common beliefs and values in our artistic expressions. We believe that through these activities our art will become the ‘Yanbriksha’ (alike a Banyan tree of knowledge) which is rooted to the ground but spreading its branches all over the sky and in this way one-day we will achieve our goal.

Mission: Operate the power of ART & IDEA for change the society.

Vision: “Art for Dignifying Life”

Actions: The key actions of Santaran is Yearly outcome (yearly art show of organization member),  Art Camp, Art workshopsArtist residencyMultidisciplinary art show, Karnaphuli Folk Triennial, Research ProgramPublication, including three permanent Public art program  Kalpapuri  (related with children art and psychology), Horith (art of environmental development) and Shikar  (development and persistence of folk arts), Kalpaloker Chitra is a workshop based project under the Kalpapuri   program. All are running successfully by the organization as the part of its journey.  Apart from that, Santaran is conducting research works on historical sites and organizing mural camps for spreading children education in hill tracts, and taking part in joint activities with other organizations for the same noble causes. Santaran is now registered under the Ministry of Social Welfare of People’s Republic of Bangladesh.