Workshops: Santaran has already arranged six workshops to provide interactive exposures to contemporary artists about different arts and their techniques including the life and philosophy of the related artists. Santaran arranged a workshop in 2003 for exploring the possibilities of 15 contemporary women artists through the interactions with 3 renowned women artists and a woman film-maker; as well as it considers folk arts of any country is the expression of deeper perceptions of their life which can specially contribute the contemporary art, so workshops were arranged for the famous Nepali folk art form Mithila and narrative scroll painting folk art form Patachitra of India.

Information of those workshops as follows:

Title of the Wrkshop: Portrait Workshop 2003.

Workshop Director: Artist Shah Md. Ansar Ali.

Title of the Workshop: Creative Art Workshop

Workshop Director: Artists Nazli Layla Mansur, Dilara Begum Joly, Nilufar Chaman and film-maker Fouzia Khan.

Title of the Workshop: Prochal,

Workshop Director: Member of santaran

Title of the Workshop:Mithila Art Workshop, 2008.

Workshop Director: Artist Shyamasundar Yadav, Nepal

Title of the Workshop:Patachitra (Narrative Scroll Painting) Workshop, 2009.

Director: Artist Manimala Chitrakar, India

Title of the Workshop: Rikswa Painting Workshop,

 Director: Majnu

Title of the Workshop: Cinema-Banner Painting Workshop,

 Workshop Director: Artist Abdul Hanif (Pappu Ustad)

Title of the Workshop: Imprint of Art and Idea, 2011.

Print making workshop.

Title of the Workshop: The Bridge (Traditional Thanka Painting Workshop),

 Workshop Director: Artist Dorjee Gurung Lama, Nepal.

Title of the Workshop: Chittagong Fragments Revisited, Site specific workshop in Transit. 2017.

Workshop Director: Artist Sanchayan Ghosh, India.