Horith (art of environmental development): To create public awareness for preventing destructive activities and to save the natural environment of Alikadam of Bandarbans district, Santaran has started this permanent program on 21st February of 2009. As one of the notable reserve forests of Bangladesh once Alikadam was unparallel for its mountains, river Matamuhuri and colorful cultural-life of small indigenous groups. But the natural balances of the place are getting threaten day by day due to unplanned cutting of trees. As a result fountains of the mountains are getting dried, which is reducing the navigation of the river Matamuhuri and causing the crisis for pure drinking water. Besides digging out stones cultivation of tobacco on the vast plain lands have been added, which are causing a great threat for the environment. At this situation Santaran adapted art as the means to create awareness through the campaign by Kalpapuriā€™s children with the help of local administration and cantonment. By this time three environmental art camps were arranged where artists from different parts of the country participated to portray several bad impacts including the global warming which are happening on the earth through Site Specific Art, Land Art and Performance Art in front of the local spectators. As a result of those efforts we can find that people of all levels including local administration, cantonment and public representative, all are becoming interested to work together for saving their environment. Santaran hopes, following these results days are coming when even in the remotest area of the country expected results will be achieved by using art for developing the environment