Kalpapuri (related with children art and psychology): Santaran feels the world of children art is based on supernatural things or objects. But it is observed that nowadays children are getting trained like as aged persons, which creates negative effects on children psychology. To develop the healthy relationship between Bengali and Pahari (of hill areas) children for inspiring a generation of artistic values, Santaran runs this research based program in Alikadam of Bandarbans district. Santaran has started this permanent program on 21st February of 2009 Participants of this program are belonging to the age-group 6 to 12 who will reach their 16 to 22 after a decade, and hopefully they will lead the backward generations of this area in future. Santaran considers through the eco-friendly artistic trainings of this program children are growing up as a thoughtful generation with taste, Santaran have tried to spread the activities of Kalpapuri in others area of Bangladesh for build a social awareness about child physiology for that reason Santaran was handle the Kalpoloker Chitra another short duration workshop based project under the Kalpapuri Program.


Kalpapuri School of Arts & Crafts: Santaran Art Organization try to build an artist residency space, Art and Craft research Center in their own land in Alikadam, Bandarban Hilly District. The name of the space are Kalpapuri School of Arts & Crafts, Santaran already have a beautiful small hill to continue the activates which is an important goal of the organization. We believed after completed the residency space and research center it’s played an important role to all national and international artist which is interested to research about beautiful Bangladeshi hilly area, Indigenous community and their art, craft and culture.